Is meditation the cure for all diseases?

Is meditation the cure for all diseases?

We have collected the most interesting and complete information about this practice from all over the Internet. Let’s see what meditation gives us.

Meditation Affects Cognitive Functions

Studies have found that meditation directly affects the development of memory and learning abilities, and also develops the ability to introspection, self-awareness and compassion. MRI scans of the subjects’ brains showed that after eight weeks of practice

meditation, the density of gray matter increased by a third.

Meditation is an effective stress reliever. It is enough to devote only about half an hour a day to meditation to get rid of or at least significantly reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. This is evidenced by studies aimed at studying the effect of meditation on stress.

Meditation reduces the risk of a heart attack

Such information was published by the Heart Association on November 18, 2012. So, according to the assurance of the ASA, according to the results of research by Robert Schneider, MD, meditative practices reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart attacks.

by 48%.

The study involved 201 people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

And it was noted that over a five-year period of meditation practice, the subjects experienced almost half as many strokes, heart attacks, and heart attacks as compared to similar patients who did not practice meditation.