Easy way how to improve eyesight and eye health

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App Basic Functions

The App will be useful for those who suffer from any refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism

Video featuring exercises

Carefully made programs. There are also videos demonstrating how to perform exercises

Notifications about exercises

Eyesight recovery method is based on several courses with everyday exercises

Recovery of age-related vision

You can try and recover your eyesight at any age

Improve vision

You can achieve astonishing results with these exercises

Eye health

We provide a lot of useful information about vision and eye health

Get rid of glasses

The App provides a step-by-step instruction on how to get rid of glasses


Eyesight recovery method by doctor G. Bates

This method can help remove reasons of eyesight worsening, relax eye muscles and stimulate eye nerves. Thin eye muscles training and control allow returning sharp vision.

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Sharp vision is what people need today

Good vision is possible only with the help of special exercises relaxing eyes. That’s why exercises from this system will be useful for practically any person.

  • Balanced method

  • Educational system

  • Notifications and tips

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Basic Treatment Principles are Suitable for everyone

How these trainings are structured:

1. Exercises system for every kind of eye disorder

2. General (physical) relaxation

3. Psychological relaxation

4. Extra methods for favoring eyesight improvement

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