Novado Plant - Your plants will be super happy

You will easily learn about your houseplants and how to take care of them with the help of our App. Your results will surely inspire you.

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Plant care tips

You can find here detailed information about watering, cultivation, trimming, fertilizing, light and temperature requirements, and many more

Plant identification

Just make a photo or download one from the gallery! We can help you identify over 10 000 plants.

Smart notifications

Set up your notifications to facilitate plant care routine and the App will remind you when it’s time to water, fertilize or repot the plant

Green blog

Discover an entirely new world of plants and ideas

Disease detection

Just make a photo and the App will identify the problem or disease which attacked your plant. We will also give you some advice on how to help the plant

Plant quiz

Check your knowledge and spend some time on guessing the name of the plants. This is really interesting.


Your personal plant collection

Make a list of all your plants. Keep an eye on them, take care of them and create necessary conditions so that you would have an amazing green-house.

  • Smart notifications

  • Personal collection

  • The history of diseases and plant recovery

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How to choose the right plants for your house

Would you like to add some splendor into your house, to surprise your guests or please yourself and your family? You will find everything about plants in our blog. We will also provide some ideas for your inspiration and will tell you about unusual plants, which you can have at home. We will help you create a tropical or traditional scenery on your windowsill

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