How Mobile Apps Track You!

How Mobile Apps Track You!

While you’re monitoring the weather, is your app tracking you?

Many people check the weather forecast every day using the app, not realizing that it puts their privacy at risk.

According to a review published back in May 2021, weather websites and apps are notorious for collecting your personal information. The publication found that 17 of the 20 weather apps it reviewed collected device tracking data for advertising purposes, and 14 used location information.
to track devices. The reason why these weather websites and apps keep track of your data is because it is very beneficial.

Location information sales for targeted advertising in 2019 were estimated at $21 billion.

In addition, according to the study, popular apps have been found to collect location data, email addresses, and International Mobile Equipment Identification Numbers (a unique 15-digit code used to identify devices).

Google has blocked two other Chinese apps from its Play Store based on allegations that they used user permissions as part of a fraudulent

This kind of information can be intimidating. So how can you stop companies from harvesting your weather data for their own benefit?

One way is to use weather apps from search engines targeted
on privacy.
Another option is to disable tracking in your current weather app. Go to Settings and find apps and then the weather app you have installed.

Turn off all settings related to location. This will mean that you will have to enter the weather information manually.
Turning location tracking off will minimize the app’s data collection, but won’t stop it entirely, depending on which company your app owns and what other information they might have about you.