Four steps to digital minimalism

Four steps to digital minimalism

Many people don’t even realize how strongly modern digital devices influence our lives nowadays. Some of us can’t even start eating without taking a photo of what’s on the plate. Some of us fail to have a continuous conversation with other people being constantly interrupted

by endless notifications on a smartphone. Somehow we became dependent on digital devices. And there is a very important question all of us need to ask: how to limit the time we spend using smartphones? So let’s talk about this.

• Turn unessential notifications off

Social media notifications pop up most frequently. That’s why it can be a great idea to turn these ones off in the first place. Set a specific time a day (one hour in the morning, for instance) when you can check your e-mail or private messages. Don’t be afraid to miss something important. If someone wants to communicate something urgent to you he or she will definitely call you.

• Get rid of email spam

Use only one email address. Unsubscribe from useless and not interesting newsletters. If there is too much rubbish in your email box, you can use special services which will help you declutter your box.

• Use apps for screen time control

There are a lot of apps which can calculate your screen time. And you can be surprised when you learn how actually terrifying the number is. These apps can limit time on using social media apps, web sites, games, and other apps. This can really help you understand how much time you can save if you disconnect from the digital world.

• Minimize the number of social media accounts

Follow only active accounts. Unsubscribe accounts of e-shops or those posting only ads you used to follow. Usually they post nothing but calls to actions offering to buy something.

Shifting to digital minimalism is really important for all of us. Instead of wasting your time on your smartphone you could create something new, read a new book, talk to your close friends or relatives, have a picnic, take a walk, or work more effectively. Let’s spend our time more wisely. We really need to learn how to save and value it.