“I look at my phone and eat”

“I look at my phone and eat”

You probably didn’t think about it, because now watching YouTube, Tik Tok or TV during

meal times are within normal limits. But is it as harmless as it seems?

Using a smartphone or watching TV while eating has been shown to be associated with

an increase in the amount of calories consumed. Overeating can eventually lead to


During the simultaneous consumption of food and viewing content on the Internet, the human brain

is distracted and sends the wrong signals to the body, does not process the taste of food, food does not bring

feelings of fullness, the amount of food eaten is not controlled.

Distraction to gadgets while eating reduces the metabolic rate, which leads to

slow digestion of food and slow down fat burning.

Sometimes parents use gadgets to feed a cranky child. After all, while the children

busy watching a cartoon or playing games on an app, they are so distracted that

automatically open their mouths and eat all the food.

The problem is that the child’s attention is constantly focused on the screen. He fails

develop a sense of taste for certain foods, he becomes picky about eating

measure of maturity.

Another problem is that the child, being distracted by cartoons, does not always chew properly, but

swallowing unchewed pieces of food can cause choking or lead to

indigestion and indigestion.