How to avoid damaging your eyes while working at a computer

How to avoid damaging your eyes while working at a computer

None of us can imagine his or her life without digital devices. Computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, TV-sets, and e-book readers have flooded our lives taking away precious time and compromising our eyesight. But the truth is giving up these devices which make our everyday life more comfortable may not be an option. So let’s try to find the golden path. Now we’re going to answer the question if it’s possible to enjoy the latest technologies and keep your eyes safe at the same time.

 Visit your ophthalmologist

 This is very good and sound advice. If you experience the slightest eye disease symptoms consult an ophthalmologist immediately. Only a qualified specialist can examine your eyes properly, make a correct diagnosis, and prescribe a treatment to improve the situation. In most cases the doctor prescribes medication, gives some basic nutrition advice, and can also recommend massage.

 Take breaks when working at a computer.

 Everyone knows this simple rule, yet only a few people follow it which is sad. When you stare at a screen for a long time you blink less often, the eye gets poor moistening which can lead to dry eyes. Consider giving your eyes a rest from time to time by glancing at any target other than the screen. You can look out of the window or take a slow walk to the kitchen to have a glass of water or a cup of tea. If you have some difficulties with self-discipline, set an alarm-clock or a timer on your smartphone to remind you to take a break or do an exercise at least every 30-40 minutes.

 Keep the screen at a proper distance

 It is recommended to sit at least 50 centimeters away from your screen. It’s also OK if you keep it a bit farther. If you’re working at a laptop and you have no possibility to keep the screen at an optimal distance, then buying an external keyboard might be a wise choice. Yes, this is extra money, but health is more important, isn’t it?

 Reduce the risk of eyestrain by looking away

 Eye exercises here are the best solution. Look away from your computer screen and move your eyes in the following pattern. Look upward, downward, and then look to the right and to the left. Gently rub your closed eyes with warm fingers. Close your eyes tight and then open them and look in front of you. If you don’t feel like doing exercises or simply have no time for it then at least look out of the window. Try to pay attention to details in the landscape, architecture of the neighboring buildings, or clothes of passers-by. This simple yet very effective technique will help you alleviate eyestrain.

 Lead an active life

 Very often vision loss occurs in case of reduced oxygen level in eye blood vessels. When you lead an active life or do sports regularly, you create a good blood circulation in your eyes thus allowing necessary nutrients like microelements and vitamins to nourish your eyes. If you have never tried sports before choose the most comfortable and easiest ones like swimming. When you swim the load is evenly balanced on all body muscle groups. Moreover this kind of sports provides gentle eye massage in water. This will help you maintain a keen vision.

 Make your nutrition balanced

 We get all necessary nutrients from food. That’s why your food ration should be balanced and diverse. Eat products rich in vitamins A, C and B-group which favor your eyesight. These vitamins can be found in fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables, berries, fish, meat, and seafood.