One of the concepts that broke into us at the beginning of the twenty-first century is “biohacking”. What is this system that is gaining popularity, what is its meaning and is it really possible to live up to 100 years without illness if you take the path of biohacking?

This and more will be covered in this article.

Biohacking is a health monitoring system that is based on determining your vital signs and bringing them to normal, and sometimes beyond normal data.

The main task of biohacking is longevity and maximum efficiency of the body, development of all its functions. The biohacking system is based on six points: sleep hygiene, proper nutrition, optimal exercise, medical tests, supplements and medications, meditation and work with a psychologist.

Where did such popularity come from in this direction? Many people have found the trend in improving mental and physical health, improving quality of life and productivity, as well as maintaining tone and getting rid of bad habits. Biohacking was just born in

among startups and entrepreneurs – in Silicon Valley, where a highly competitive environment reigns, and where people are interested in improving the standard of living.

If you are thinking about entering the path of biohacking, then you are on the right track. According to experts, this health monitoring system is really necessary for everyone. After all, the state of ecology, the quality of food and water every year wants only the best.

An endocrinologist and candidate of medical sciences said about biohacking: “In essence, this is preventive medicine, and it is aimed more at finding potential diseases, rather than already existing ones.” That is, the biohacking system is aimed at preventing diseases, and not for the treatment of already acquired diseases, which is a definite plus.

Let’s consider some aspects of biohacking. The most important point in this system is the quality of sleep: you need to spend a lot of time in the phases of REM and deep sleep, which is achieved by supplements, turning off bright cold lighting or completely refusing to use displays an hour or two before bedtime, using yellow glasses so that the brain reduced activity and prepared to fall asleep, it is also desirable to fall asleep and wake up at the same time, which contributes to better recovery, normalization of hormonal levels.

The next step is training. They are aimed at raising hormone levels and burning fat.

Biohackers don’t train to their limits to avoid injury. The training process includes basic cardio exercises.

Also, followers of biohacking daily take drugs, the selection of which is based precisely on the analysis, in order to understand which indicators need to be corrected. An increase in hormonal levels, an increase in libido, an improvement in cognitive functions and stress resistance – all this is achieved by drugs.

A visit to a psychologist is also one of the important points of biohacking. Help in relieving stress and conducting meditation are aspects that require your attention.

We can conclude that thanks to biohacking, changes occur in a person, in his lifestyle, which are positively reflected in all areas. Maybe soon we will find out whether it is possible to live up to 100 years without disease and in good health, having good mental health.