What happens if you do morning exercises every day

What happens if you do morning exercises every day

1. New healthy habits will emerge

For morning exercises to become part of your daily routine, you need to practice it for 66 days. About it

say the results of this study. And then, according to experts, to this

the habit will be joined by others, just as useful. Many note that thanks to charging

begin to feel better, and begin to think of other useful things.

2. Blood pressure will return to normal

People with high blood pressure often need medication. But

lifestyle changes, namely the practice of exercising in the morning, can help.

3. The skin will acquire a natural glow

It has been scientifically proven that in people who start exercising regularly, the skin condition

noticeably improves. She acquires a beautiful natural glow and no longer looks

dull, emaciated and pale.

4. Your mood will improve

As soon as you start exercising in the morning, you will notice that you start the day with a big

pleasure. At the same time, even patients with depression feel magical changes! According to

studies, they have a surge of vivacity and energy, and even appear


How do you feel after you exercise in the morning?